Name:       Alejandro Rey-Stolle Naveira                                                                                 Go to Linkedinlinkedin imagen porfolio

Date of birth:    19 de Noviembre 1981
Place of birth :  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Phone:     677825844



Industrial Design Engineer, Jaume I University (UJI 2002-07)

Master of Science in Design and Innovation (2009-11), Technical University of Denmark.


Courses 2011 “Service Design methodologies” at “H2i institute”.

2010 “Innovation in Digital Media” (Advance course) at DTU.

2009 “Innovation Manager” at “Universidad de la Laguna”.

2008 ” User-Centred Design Innovation” at “Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design”

2008 “English for work” at FOF (Denmark).

2007 “3D Advanced Product Design” at UJI.

2007 “Animación e ilustración con Flash” en la UJI.

2005 “Multimedia and Visual Design” at Vaasa University (Finland).

Experience 2013-16 User and customer Experience Consultant at Vector-itcgroup.

2012-13 User Experience Manager at Vivocom.

2011-12 User Experience Consultant at Xperience Consulting.

2011 Interaction and Service Design consultant at Designit.

2010-11 Project analysis of “m-health system in Movistar” for DTU.

2008 Design Researcher at Design Concern (Denmark). This project was winner of “Red Dot award”

2006-07  Web and Visual Designer at Herben Franquicias.

Methodology and techniques Prototyping , model , Cardshorting , Usability Testing Labs ( web / mobile) , Heuristic Evaluation , Information Architecture , the Focus Group and depth interview , People, Eye- traking , Requirement Analysis , Stakeholder Map / Analysis , Blueprint , Customer travel Map Scenarios , Agile Software Development ( Scrum , Lean Software Development ) …
Interaction Design:


-Adobe PS,Id,DW, Fl, Ai

   -Adobe Falsh


3D Design:

   -3D Studio Max